High Traffic Academy 2.0 Is Coming…

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Published on: September 29, 2014

Two years ago Vick Stritzheus released first version of High Traffic Academy (HTA 1.0).  The training program has changed the lives of thousands of people, but now HTA2.0 is comming out and it will be 10X more powerful than the 1.0 version. So, please stay tuned for my “new” High Traffic Academy 2.0 review.

High Traffic Academy – The Full Review

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Published on: June 16, 2012

Hey, Dejan here.

Thanks for being patient. It’s finally done. So, without further ado, here’s…

“The Most Comprehensive Review Of High Traffic Academy On The Internet”

No exaggeration – just what you WANT and NEED to know before purchasing.

Note: This is a review, Click Here to visit the High Traffic Academy website.

Updates to this High Traffic Academy review article

There can be some confusion about the price of High Traffic Academy. Please be aware that when you first time visit the sales page of High Traffic Academy you get special 75% OFF offer which expires when the timer on that page reaches zero (24 hours). Instead of paying $1,997.00 (VAT not included) you pay only $606.34 (this is the total price with $109.34 VAT included).

First of all- What Exactly is High Traffic Academy?

Part Of High Traffic Academy Members Area - Where You Can Watch Training Videos and Get Access to Awesome Software.
Part Of High Traffic Academy Members Area – Where You Can Watch Training Videos and Get Access to Awesome Software.

High Traffic Academy is the latest & greatest product created by super online marketer and mentor Vick Stritzheus.
The High Traffic Academy product shows you step by step exactly how you can drive more than 100,000 unique, targeted visitors per day to your website on consistent basis. Vick Stritzheus gets more than 200,000 targeted visitors to his website every day using the same methods and strategy that he is teaching in High Traffic Academy. His record was more than 480,000 visitors in one day! How? With paid website traffic.

Paid website traffic means that you pay someone to drive traffic to your website. You can get instant results, but you have to spend some money. Without a doubt it is the easiest way to drive traffic to your website and make money online, but there’s just one problem. A lot of people have bad experiences with buying website traffic – especially because of bad ROI – so they think that paid traffic is just a waste of money.

Is Paid Website Traffic A Waste Of Money & Does High Traffic Academy Really Work?

I’ve got a confession to make. Even though I THOUGHT that some paid traffic methods didn’t work well anymore, I must admit that I was wrong. I mean, I had some really good results, but with some methods I just couldn’t make any profit.

Quite frankly, when I saw what methods Vick is using to get so much website traffic, I almost felt like a newbie. I realized that I have made some big mistakes in my campaigns and because of that I have lost quite a bit of money – numerous times.

Paid website traffic isn’t a waste of money and some forgotten traffic methods still work amazingly. The incredibly simple step by step video trainings in High Traffic Academy can teach everyone to discover the potential with paid traffic. There is no need to lose money when buying traffic anymore. The “secret” is just to do some things the right way. Methods in High Traffic Academy do work – and they work amazingly.

Step by Step – Here’s Exactly What The High Traffic Academy Product Gives You…

“Basically, you’re getting a how-to guide on exactly how to implement the 100K+ targeted visitors per day methods and establish trustworthy relationship with your subscribers.”

Click Here To Go To The High Traffic Academy Website.

Here’s exactly what product offers:

First, you start with the development stage. In this stage you can learn everything about how to create landing page, getting a domain, hosting, setting up an auto responder, and much more.

Stage two is the “holy grail” for all website traffic searchers. High Traffic Academy currently contains 8 modules about how to get literally more than 100k targeted visitors to your website with each of the methods. So, with a combination of all those methods you really can drive more than 100k visitors per day with ease. Vicks record is 480k targeted visitors in one day, which is possible, but you must take into account that he is a very experienced online marketer – which you can become too. However, I think that at the beginning of using High Traffic Academy you will be satisfied also with 100k per day, right? :D Also, it is important to have a good product to promote. You will learn in this stage where and how to find really good, hot products.

Stage three. Ok, you get thousands of targeted visitors to your website which means your list is getting bigger every day. What do you do now, so that those subscribers will become your loyal, repeat buyers and also friends? In this stage you will learn everything about that. For this stage Vick has found »the best of the best«. His friend Frank Kern will “drive” you through this stage. At the end of this stage you will know how to build a long term sustainable business.

High Traffic Academy offers also two bonus pieces of software. They help users to track website traffic and collect keywords. I’m unfortunately not allowed to reveal everything at the time of writing (before High Traffic Academy’s launch).

High Traffic Academy is focused on doing the same simple traffic methods over and over. Why? Because they work and they make money… a lot of money.

The Bad Points

Obviously, High Traffic Academy is not perfect. Here’s what I didn’t like about it:

• My main gripe is that you can’t find anything in the training about free traffic – for example SEO, article marketing, etc. While it’s definitely possible to get amazing amount of targeted visitors with those methods and make a lot of money, the program would totally dominate on the field of website traffic if there were also some training about free traffic techniques included.

• You will need money to start. The methods learned in this product are not free. You will need to spend some money to make money so to speak. However, in my test I found that you didn’t need to spend much. There are some cheap methods where you spend from $25 – $100 and you can get really big number of targeted visitors to your website. There are also some more expensive methods where it is recommended (but not necessarily) to spend around $1000. You will use those more expensive methods when you will be really familiar with the theme. Indeed, they are most profitable.

The Good Points

• Most importantly: It works and it doesn’t matter what your experience level is, if you implement the system you WILL get a big amount of targeted visitors, which means you will make money. Maybe not $100,000 per month, but a full time income is certainly and easily achievable.

• You don’t need anything else. While I recommend you pick up my bonus package that can really help you with advertising, you certainly don’t need to. Everything you need to make money from scratch is included.

• You get the video training PLUS software that can save you hundreds of hours. This is one of the most impressive pieces of software I’ve come across in a very long time.

• Anyone can use it. It doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to affiliate marketing or an expert. Stage 1 can teach every beginner what to do to start “working from home.”

• A completely different video training about website traffic than anything you’ve ever seen. High Traffic Academy and its training of driving thousands of targeted visitors to any website is amazing. I have learned a lot in this product. If you’re already making money online then this can boost your income, seriously. I guarantee you haven’t seen anything like this before…

Last Word

And so we come to the end of my High Traffic Academy review. Overall, this is one of the most impressive products about website traffic generation I’ve seen in a long time.

Behind all those presale videos what you essentially have is amazing, unique, simple yet powerful training that is a sure win for any marketer to make money online, no matter what your experience is. I think I’m going to try another High Traffic Academy method after I’m done writing this review.


Click Here To Go To The High Traffic Academy Website.

The High Traffic Academy Pre-Launch Video is Live

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Published on: June 15, 2012

Hey everyone!

The High Traffic Academy pre-launch video is out and you can see it here: Watch the video here.

I just watched it myself, and trust me when I say that you’re not going to want to miss it! Vick Stritzheus, the creator of High Traffic Academy, will show you extensive proof of how much traffic he is driving to his websites with the methods that he is now teaching in his product. You will se that his techniques can generate more than 200K unique, targeted visitors per day to any website.

If you’re still wondering what the heck High Traffic Academy is, then watch the video! Everything is revealed.

However, if you just want the quick summary then here it is: It’s video training about how to drive thousands (more than 100k) of unique and targeted visitors to every website, how to create your own landing pages, getting a domain and hosting, setting up an auto responder and how to create relationships with your subscribers, so that they will become repeat buyers and enjoy being on your list (here jumps in Frank Kern).
Beginners in online marketing will, in stage one, save hundreds of hours, which would otherwise be spent on searching through Google!

A lot of online marketers thought that some paid methods for website traffic were dead, but apparently not. Basically, you don’t need to worry about website traffic anymore. All you have to do is implement the things you will learn in the video training into your work and you will discover by yourself that potential with paid traffic is really very big. Some methods are really unique – and most definitely not “dead”.

So, if you didn’t already, click here to watch the High Traffic Academy video.

High Traffic Academy is shaping up to be one of the best quality products I’ve seen in a very long time, and the buzz around its launch is unbelievable. I’m very excited!

By the way, the most comprehensive, complete, no-fluff review will be up tomorrow, PLUS I’ll finally reveal my “amazing” bonuses.

See you then!

High Traffic Academy Review Update

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Published on: June 9, 2012

Hey everyone!

I just thought I’d do a quick update about my progress with the High Traffic Academy review…

In short: the product is looking awesome. There are three main stages.

Stage one. The development stage – getting a domain, hosting, building a landing page, auto responder setup, and much more. Oh boy, I wish I could have had this at the beginning of my online marketing path. It would have saved me hundreds of hours searching through YouTube and Google.

Stage two. Traffic Control – everything about how to get thousands of unique and targeted visitors to your website. Well, after I have gone through this stage I become aware that I am staring at the screen and my mouth is wide open (seriously, I’m not making this up). Why? Well, I thought that I knew pretty much everything about paid website traffic. I considered myself to be almost an “mini expert” on the field – and then my “realization time” came. Well, I’m glad it did, LOL!
I’m pretty sure that in this stage most online marketers will feel the same way as I did. Believe me, most people will find in this stage many new methods for getting targeted traffic. I must admit that Vick Stritzheus (the creator of the product) is probably one of the best in this field.
Getting more than 100,000 unique, targeted visitors per day, after you implement this stage (video training) in your work-project, will be EASY. This is possible!

Stage three. List control – Some people know everything about stage one and maybe most (but believe me not everything) about stage two and they are building a big list, but surprisingly, they make ZERO sales. Why? They don’t know how to take their new subscribers (potential buyers) and turn them into long-term repeat customers and loyal friends.

I had good experiences with paid traffic (more good than bad… I can’t say that I never lost money), but I must say that with High Traffic Academy I have learned some methods that I have never even heard about before.
Gee, you think you know something and then one day you find out that there is something you never heard or read about before!

I thought that some paid website traffic methods were dead… but I was wrong. They are not dead, but there is much less competition. That means less competition and bigger opportunity for those who know about those methods.

I hope that those people who struggle with CPA, PPC and other paid methods will soon “discover” High Traffic Academy and finally start getting some really good results.

I started my new campaign today and am looking forward to checking the stats tomorrow…

The full review of High Traffic Academy will be up soon – I promise! And it’s going to be the most complete review on the internet so make sure you keep checking back. Don’t forget the bonuses I’m offering either… man, you’re going to love them!


What is High Traffic Academy?

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Published on: June 7, 2012

If you’re on this page then you might already know, but I thought I may additionally clear up what exactly High Traffic Academy is for those who are still not sure.

High Traffic Academy enables you to “watch over the shoulder” of an affiliate (and very good mentor) who’s able to get more than 300,000 visitors to his websites per day on a consistent basis. His record is 480,000 unique targeted visitors in one day. The product shows you exactly how he does it step by step with videos, and also provides you with software that saves you a lot of time and work.

What affiliate marketing methods does High Traffic Academy teach?

It teaches you how to get insane amounts of traffic through PPC, PPV, CPA, banners and other methods (some of them are very obscure).

Here’s an outline of the exact system High Traffic Academy will teach you:

STAGE 1 – The Development Stage: How to create from scratch your own landing pages, thank you pages, how to get a domain and hosting, setting up an auto responder and so on.

STAGE 2 – Traffic Control: Stage 2 is all about how to get insane amounts of traffic (up to 100,000+ unique targeted visitors per day).

STAGE 3 – List Control: You’ll learn how to turn your new subscribers into repeat customers.

It just doesn’t get any easier than this – any newbie struggling to getting traffic and making money with his list will find a “sure win” here.
Stay tuned and in a couple of days I’ll have videos of the software for you, as well as news on my special bonuses for buying through me :)

Who is Vick Stritzheus?

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Published on: June 5, 2012

In my opinion it’s important to know a little bit about the creator of a product, especially if he claims to be “expert” in his field. In this case, a paid website traffic expert.

So, I thought I’d make a quick post to give you all a little bit more information about the guy that created High Traffic Academy.

Vick Stritzheus is passionate internet marketer. He is well-known for his ability to test and discover techniques that can increase his profits. He has been involved in several projects since the beginning of his career – the most known are 48 Hour Cash Club, 7 Figure Marketing School, 48 Hour Cash Machine and Global Success Club. Each one of these programs contains different strategies and these methods were extracted and learnt by him over a period of time.

Exactly how much money he is making on the internet is unknown, but what is clear is that he knows what he’s talking about. He always seems to be one step ahead of the competition and his products are always professional – High Traffic Academy is no exception.

High Traffic Academy Is Coming…

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Published on: June 5, 2012

Hey, I’m Dejan,

Thanks for checking out my newest website dedicated to High Traffic Academy. What you’ll find here is the most comprehensive review of High Traffic Academy on any site on the internet, as well as my personal experience with it during my relatively short “testing period”.

It’s launching on the first half of June and this is just one of many posts. Keep checking back for more news on Vick Strizheus’s newest release, High Traffic Academy.

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